5 Creative Small Landscaping Ideas For Your Backyard

No matter how small your backyard may be, you can still create beautiful spaces by subdividing it into different areas.

Create more order in your space using hedges, garden beds, trees, and other elements such as this to divide it up and keep it feeling organized.

1. Vertical Garden

Vertical gardens are an effective way to maximize space in your backyard. Choose from various trellises, window boxes, tin containers or hanging pots for creating an eye-catching display of flowers or herbs.

Plants for a vertical garden must be chosen with consideration of its structure in mind, selecting those that will thrive no matter whether the environment is sunny or shaded.

Ferns thrive when exposed to direct sun or partial shade. Ivy can add an attractive element on tree or shrub walls while pothos and bromeliads prefer indirect lighting or partial shade conditions.

2. Pergola

A pergola is a classic design structure that serves both as shelter from the elements and an aesthetic focal point in your yard. They come in all shapes and sizes, all serving one purpose – providing homeowners with additional space in which to unwind.

Hang plants like honeysuckle, passion flowers, clematis, and grape vines from them to add flair.

Pergolas are one of the best small landscaping ideas to transform your backyard into an inviting outdoor living area. Installation is quick and hassle-free – an investment worth making!

3. Fence Line Garden Beds

If you have a small yard and would like to maximize its potential, erect garden beds against the fence. Not only will this save space but it’ll allow for plenty of variety when planting flowers or other types of vegetation.

Built against a fence, garden beds provide extra protection to plants from excessive sunlight, snowfall and rain – increasing both their value and aesthetic value of your garden.

Building garden beds against a fence has many advantages, yet also has some drawbacks. One such drawback is it could cause the soil surrounding your fence to become damp, possibly harming its wood. Furthermore, moist conditions allow fungi to thrive which could rot your wood completely over time.

4. Evergreens

Evergreens provide year-round beauty without the hassle of constant upkeep, providing shelter to birds and small animals alike during winter.

Designing with evergreens follows many of the same rules as designing with plants en masse: using layering, massing, focal points and an intentional palette can all help create an aesthetic balance that’s sure to please.

Selecting evergreens that suit your environment and climate conditions is key to creating a healthy and beautiful garden. When in doubt, look for species which best meet the soil, climate and light conditions in your area.

5. Corner Climbing Wall

If you want to get your children excited about climbing, a DIY corner climbing wall is a fantastic way of doing so! Easy and fun for both you and your kids to construct together!

Make sure that a fall zone is prepared by placing crash pads underneath, to help protect children and absorb shock in case of falls. This will enable your kids to land safely.

Your children can use a climbing wall in the backyard to hone their climbing skills such as slab footwork or overhanging. But it is important to be mindful that home walls often spin or break unexpectedly, leading to unexpected falls that could cause severe injury.

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