Common Signs Your Home Needs Foundation Repair Services

Homeowners must recognize the early warning signs of foundation problems. If a homeowner recognizes any of these symptoms, they should seek professional advice immediately and call in a building contractor for an assessment.

Foundation sinking and cracks may be caused by ground movement, drainage issues, or poor construction practices. Homeowners should observe any telltale signs of foundation damage including:

Uneven Floors

Uneven floors are one of the telltale signs that it may be time to call in a foundation repair professional. An uneven foundation often means over time it has settled unevenly, leading to issues throughout your home that could otherwise go undetected.

Uneven flooring may be caused by numerous factors, including soil movement, poor drainage, or tree roots that have grown too close to the foundation. Renovation projects that remove load-bearing walls may also affect foundation shift.

Uneven floors can be both hazardous and unsightly. Failure to address them as soon as possible could result in more extensive structural damage over time; if this symptom exists in any home you’re considering purchasing, contact a professional immediately for an assessment.

Cracked Walls

If you find cracks in the walls of your home, you should consult with a building inspector immediately. Cracked walls may be an indicator of foundation issues. Jagged or stair-stepped cracks in masonry could point toward issues with its foundation – especially if they occur along mortar lines.

Cracked walls don’t always indicate serious structural damage and require immediate repairs; new lumber contains lots of moisture which cause it to settle over time, potentially creating cosmetic cracks on walls. Minor ones may only need fixing cosmetically with some putty and paint; large cracks should be addressed immediately since these could indicate foundation movement issues.

Sagging Floorboards

Sagging floors can be seen as an indicator that the weight of the home is being distributed unevenly by its foundation, leading to unnecessary stress on supporting beams that could eventually fail in certain spots. A contractor will be able to assess this problem and suggest an effective solution.

Doors and windows that are difficult to open or close, or appear to hang from their frames can also be telltale signs of foundation problems. Such gaps allow water to seep into them and pests into their frames – creating further issues in the form of gaps and leakage that create more problems down the line.

Cracks that form outside are usually nothing to worry about, while interior sheetrock cracks with stair-step patterns should be reviewed by a professional immediately.

Cracked Windows

Cracked windows may be an indicator that your foundation is sinking. Cracked windows not only look unsightly; they can affect security, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality in a major way.

As soon as a crack is addressed, its repair will usually become less expensive; this is especially true of minor cracks.

Foundation type plays an integral part in determining repair costs; for instance, concrete may cost more to fix than other foundation types like cinder block or brick.

As noted above, if your repair requires hydraulic piers to lift your house, this can add significantly to the total cost. Therefore, it’s essential that you obtain several quotes from different local contractors to find one with which you’ll get a competitive deal without compromising craftsmanship.


Signs of mold in your house can be alarming, particularly if they indicate foundation issues. As time goes on, damage caused by these issues grows worse for all aspects of your home’s structure.

Vertical foundation cracks are common, while horizontal or stair-stepped cracks should be taken seriously and addressed quickly as these indicate shifting foundation issues that must be repaired immediately before further damage ensues.

Other signs of foundation problems may include doors and windows that won’t open or close easily, gaps forming in window and door frames, and cracks stretching from corners of walls to other wall surfaces. If any of these symptoms arise, contact a professional immediately for an inspection and estimate on repair services.

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